Only 3 Days To Back The Devil's Eight Kickstarter! Updated Kickstarter Demo

The Devil's Eight is on Kickstarter and needs your support! There are only three days left for our campaign, and we are still a long way to go, but we are determined to get the word out and and get the game funded. If this is your first time seeing the game, go check out our kickstarter page. We've got a lot of cool and exclusive rewards you can get for helping fund our work! And most importantly, for The Devil's Eight to succeed, we need to get the word out about our campaign. So if you know anyone that might be interested in The Devil's Eight, please share it with them! We need to maximize our outreach in these last few days of our campaign. Everything helps.

Updated Demo - New Tutorial and Easy Mode

Besides getting the word out about the campaign in this devlog, we are also announcing an updated demo build! Our last version was downloaded over 2000 times and many of you left us all sorts of valuable feedback. While we haven't been able to address everything in this short amount of time, we did improve the overall experience of the demo. A much needed tutorial section has been added, as well as an easy mode! The tutorial walks you through some of the mechanics of the game a little better, so you aren't just tossed into the first circle of hell without learning how to play the game. It's still a bit rough around the edges, and with this build we are trying a few different things out, so make sure to let us know what you think of it.

Easy mode introduces the continue button, allowing you to retry the boss fight from the last musical section you got to. So if you make it through half of the boss fight before you die, in easy mode, you'll be able to restart the fight from the half way point.

Why Kickstarter

We took The Devil's Eight to Kickstarter for two main reasons. First we'd love to get the game to you late next year, and that requires full time development. Kickstarter money allows us to do this. The second reason, is with funding we can expand the musical aspects of the game. The soundtracks in the game serves as the beating heart of The Devil's Eight, and we want the audio experience to leave a lasting impression. To this end, we explore a host of musical genres rather than just sticking to classic video game boss battle music. And since music costs money, to get a more diverse cast of musicians for the official soundtrack, we need money to pay them.

Beyond the bare necessities, Kickstarter provides us the opportunity to show off our work so far and get people excited for the work to come. In the last year, we've fleshed out our concept for this music driven boss battling game and demonstrated its potential. We can't wait to take what we've learned so far and apply it to Greed, Wrath, Violence, and Fraud. Each boss will be bolder, bigger, and better than any before it. We hope you'll join us for the ride.

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The Devil's Eight - Updated Kickstarter Build
Oct 09, 2017

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