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The Devil's Eight is currently on Kickstarter, so if you like what you see, and want to support the game, go check out the page! We've got a lot of awesome rewards, digital and physical, as well as options to get your name or ideas into the game. Make sure to let us know what you thought of the demo, and if you can, please help us spread the word about the demo!

The Devil's Eight is a fast paced boss rush where you must fight your way through the circles of hell. The Eight Overseers sealed away your powers, leaving you with only a shield to defend yourself. With your offensive options gone, you must master your opponent's movements, expose their weaknesses, and use your divine shield to reflect their strongest attacks back upon them. Fight your way through the eight
electronic soundscapes that fuel the overseers of the inferno. Each world is driven by their own unique soundtrack, inspiring a fresh boss experience in this abstract psychedelic hell.

The Devil's Eight is currently in early stages of development. We've uploaded a demo build showcasing the first two bosses Limbo and Lust. We are still in pre-alpha, so expect rough edges like unfinished features, placeholder animations, and bugs. The final game will have additional attacks, improved animations, better sound effects, and more.

The Devil’s Eight utilizes movement, lag, and stun states from the Super Smash Bros. series. The player can dash, fast fall, short hop, wave dash, use specials, and more. The Devil's Eight takes these beloved mechanics and builds upon them.

The player is bound to a circle around each boss, affording 2D movement mechanics in an otherwise 3D game. This means you gain simplicity and precision in movement controls while still enjoying the spectacle and awareness of three dimensions.

Being bound to the circle also restricts one's ability to run for safety. There is no beginning nor end to the stage, meaning that no matter how you try, you will always be dangerously close to your foe. The player can fight conservatively if they want, but they cannot find reprieve from the onslaught of attacks on the ring. Therefore, the Devil's Eight is all about spacing and surviving until the next attack. Part of spacing is adapting to and traversing the circles of Hell.

The Devil's Eight is currently on Kickstarter, so if you like what you see, and want to support the game, go check out the page! We've got a lot of awesome rewards, digital and physical, as well as options to get your name or ideas into the game. Make sure to let us know what you thought of the demo, and if you can, please help us spread the word about the demo!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorSecond Step Studios
GenreAction, Fighting
TagsBoss battle, Music

Install instructions

All you need is to unzip the file and run TD8.exe. For best experience we recommend using an xbox controller to play, as some of the in game ui only shows xbox inputs.

Keyboard controls

WASD for movement. W jumps, and S will fast fall in air and dodge roll when on ground. [Space] uses shield, which is used to counter the boss' attacks.


The Devil's Eight - Updated Kickstarter Build

Development log


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one question: is the game dead? well, I like the demo and I will still keep playing it. mostly in streams I guess.

The game looks amazing, but I could not get past the jumping tutorial since the controls are so clunky, and I think it's because I'm using the keyboard instead of a controller. Whenever I try to switch directions, the character continues for a while in the original direction before turning, and the jumping is not high enough or responsive enough to the keyboard. I would suggest adding better support for people without controllers, or at least an option to skip the tutorial and fail miserably while still having fun.

Attack on titan clone?


I could not download

Not sure why itch is having trouble with it. The direct link from our site should work http://secondstepstudios.com/TheDevilsEight_Kickstarter_Build.zip

You will make this game for 32 bit?

Yes, as we get further along we will build for a wider range of computers.

Hello SSS, how are you? Is the game dead?

Please help. It says that I need DX11 10.0 to run the game, and I have DX12, and I don't know what's wrong.

I have tried to play the game and it is not working.

I open the file, and it says I need DX11, but I am running DX12?

Can someone help? The download button does not work.


Hey PeeledLettuce, try the direct link http://secondstepstudios.com/TheDevilsEight_Kickstarter_Build.zip

The game is very interesting and I really love the idea, but I feel something is off with this game? Like several Times when I'd hit Y right before getting hit, it just wouldn't register, and maybe Limbo has maybe too much HP? After a little while it just kinda felt boring of doing the same rythmic thing over and over. Other than that, the music sounds amazing, the art style is beautiful, the charcter design is great,  and I can't wait to see what else this game can bring to the table.  Keep up the awesome work!

I loved this demo, even if I died horribly every time. Seriously difficult, but doesn't ever feel "cheap" when you lose. Give it a try, or watch my gameplay.

I LOVED This game, was great music, and ragey bits, I cant wait for the actual game to drop, also like how it is controller compatible, not enough games are like that, this music in here though I keep returning back to it, I loved it so much haha its my own weakness, but here is a video on it, I hope you guys find it a bit funny hyuck hyuck worthy haha I am definitely rooting you guys on! keep up the good work!

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I really do like what the game could become. My only issues are that there's no boss hp indicator, I can't skip the intro cutscene when fighting Limbo, and I feel like the shield recharge time is a bit slower than it should be. That aside, the game can feel different than what it is. It's a simple game, dodge and counter the enemy, but can you say bullethell? Lust, for me, was a bit of a pain, keeping track of everything, flipping from one enemy to the other, and guarding at the right times. Drove me crazy. Though I did thoroughly enjoy the pre alpha, and I can't wait until the game is finished!

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played your game for a bit and it has a lot of potential!! too bad i was playing with a keyboard, because it felt a bit clunky with it. but otherwise, i liked the music and the art style. the simple "counter and dodge" mechanic is quite well too, but i feel that if it's just going to have that it should get... ummm... let's say more "decorated" with the boss. make them a bit more flashier, or maybe, add more lines to get a better backstory on them. that way you can prevent the "oh, i guess i'll just keep repeating this again" feeling once it gets stuck on a pattern, and get people hooked on "what is he going to tell me now?" instead. 

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I really enjoyed this game even though I was terrible at it. I really liked the character design and overall gameplay. My only complaints are that you can't see how much health the boss has left and the menu is a bit poorly made. But I understand that this is a pre alpha so everything is subject to change. I would definetly reommend this to a friend and I can't wait for more! 

Have to share my opinion. Game looks great, but the execution and the demo have some critical flaws and it's shame that this is the only representation of the game. 

What's up with the Shield bar? I can only block once anyway. Took me a while (a minute or so) to realize I have to wait till it fills up to use it again (mostly because game doesn't tell me and  introduced me to another feature already).

Player doesn't know how much health the boss has left.

Camera sometimes snaps, looks like gimbal lock.

The menu is confusing, player doesn't know on which button he is if only 2 options are available.

You can't skip the intro with escape/space/enter/start button.

Music got repetitive pretty fast like that.

Really tried to give the game some chances, but the above critics made me give up pretty fast. Again, I feel it's a shame, because the game looks like it has a lot of potential, but kids are spoiled these days and the demo should be smooth as silk.

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Weird, the download seems to be broken for me on Chrome and Firefox. Just downloaded other games on itch and it was fine.

That's odd. The download is just a zip file off our website. Maybe something is going wrong with the javascript, try accessing it directly. http://secondstepstudios.com/TheDevilsEight_ks_prealpha_v0.3.1.zip

Yeah, that link is working, but the download button is sending me to the "Thanks for downloading" page where it should start in some seconds. Unfortunately, it's stuck there. You have to manually enable pop-ups to make it work. But other games just works fine. Might be size related, idk.


The visuals and music are awesome and the controls feel good, my only feedback for as much as I've played of it are: it would be nice if some clearer sense of progression was implemented, the more complex attacks and the environmental changes are cool, but I never felt as if I was really doing anything but pissing off the boss as opposed to actually hurting it. Second and last, which may just be my personal preference, the player agency doesn't really feel all that satisfying to me, the flow of combat is wait for recharge, wait for a blockable attack, block, resume waiting and repeat. I understand this is a rhythm game but I never really felt as if I was doing much besides waiting. Giving the player a bit more to do or think about besides dodging while waiting could go a long way to improve this sense of agency.

These are all just my opinions and I am not a game designer in any way whatsoever, so take this as you will. The game still looks great and plays really well and I can see that it has a ton of potential to be an awesome boss rush! Best of luck on your kickstarter!


Thanks! Not sure how much we'll be able to improve the player agency in early fights, but as you regain your powers your moveset does increase. For instance, in the second boss fight, you will have a down pound attack, which can be used to break the dividers in Lust (among other uses). We are still planning for these to use shields though, but perhaps that along with faster shield regen would be enough.